ATCN IN MIAMI (part 3)

So where did we go? what was copped? and who ended up taking a bath with a playboy bunny? well all will NOT be revealed BUT the photos may help your want to book tickets for miami next year!

Shopping was a given and ATC Not only has a crazy air traffic control theme (Complete with luggage carousel covered in sneakers) BUT it really does have the stock to send your average out of towner crazy!

Thank god for the exchange rate as every man left looking like they just sold their first brick! Bags upon bags weighed us down but trust me, that shopping trip was well worth the walk back to the Hotel through the Miami rain.

Big up Greg and the team for being so extra dope to us and really hooking us up with the stuff from the BACK-BACK-BACK room!

Check them out 1601 Washington ave on do the damn thing digitally HERE.
Seeing as phoebe was in town a little lunch / breeze shooting was due with a heel sporting fellow tribe member...

And yes another huge salad was devoured even if it looks like my homie weezy's head was growing out of the top of it.

More shoes were copped at Soles inc and no, i wasn't put off by the strange pop sock that looked like a used condom i was given to wear to try on my kicks...

So, much to say so rather than bore you heres the quick fire...
Obama won while we were eating pudding in Jerry's diner and Carl celebrated with the staff...

We saw a man paint with his feet...he had no arms...

I called my mum about it

We ate Mahi Mahi

We had private jokes...man dem you know what this picture is about LOL

We went out...again

Recovered on the beach the next day

Went to the Versace Mansion...dude died on these steps...CRAZY

We met a dude with mad jazz under his finger nails and a light stench of wee who knew so much about the man, his history and his house. He broke down who stayed there, in what room and where Gianni used to get his milk in the morning...Oh yeah and he threw a four for the tribe

Posed some more...

went to the secret garden...

skipped puddles...no homo

And did the Ocean drive thing minus wet willy's!

sigh...Miami see you soon




Big Big post, just as enlightening as always but I got to prioritise.

First things first let's not have any qualms, sincerely Phoebes so frigging cute its astounding. real talk

I peeped you hit up the Kid robot store on collins ave, big big.

I'm just mesmerised by the fact your versace hobo, tour guide/pee cologne bearing/homeless dude is sporting a crisp pair of dunk/forces... Legend.

And Biz Spill the beans mannn, elaborate on this playboy bunny predicament...

....now to the nitty gritty I'm going next week so when you say the dollars weak, how weak are we talking? what is the ACTUAL exchange rate biz? Much appreciated

Peace like a buddhist
Shout out to Phoebe one last time : )
(MR W you know I still have a place in my heart for you after the whole Just for fours fiasco.) Sent using BlackBerry® from Orange

Anonymous said...

im going miami in august with the fam and my girl so i need to know where to go shopping! directons, street names all that.

Anonymous said...

So no pics of them fine ass chicks in MIA just mans chest yeh..? PAUSE!!!!!!

Samantha. said...

aw I just came from Miami a week ago. Stayed on Collins Ave. Partied hard at night, and slept on the beach all day and did it all over again!

Its so chill down there. I've already gone twice this yearrrr.

q-dolla said...

Kid Robot is the spot man!!

Anonymous said...

big up phoebes RAE BANS!
and hold tite who ever got off with a frowzy play mate!

dita said...

lol @ the topless road man in the sneaker shop... random.

and that mahi mahi (however its spelt) looks alright still!

Magdi said...

IM HATING!!!!!!! WOW!!! lol

NO-BIZZI said...

serious holiday magdi!


road trip?