Wearing my rolex

Could you? would you?
Check out these Rolex esque braclets spotted in Tokyo by vinal toy god Kaws. I would wear these bad boys with pride...and make myself a saving of about fifteen grand!
props: KAWS


Angelicious said...

actn doesn't like me today! I posted and it didn't accept it. cha.

anyway liking the watch, the only trouble is it'll only be accurate twice a day lol

Booga said...

These remind me of the christmas ornaments, miniture houses, etc. my grandma was so fond of making with that plastic stuff and yarn. Hmm...maybe me n grams needta go into business.
@angelicious- so true, but then again so many ppl seem unable to read the time anyway (I wish I were joking... wtf)

Anonymous said...


Angelicious said...

boogaloog - ask those people if they had a digital watch as a kid, and I bet most of em did.

my mum realised after a few months of me having one, and rectified this but buying me an analogue watch. thankfully I was still young (6/7 me thinks)

phil said...


I would fo sho