Do you remember when...
Drum & Bass and Jungle were seen as two completely different sections in a record shop?

Remember when air max 90's and a horn were all you needed to look for to figure out where are the Jungle ravers were headed at Carnival?

Remember when every kid thought he could spit as fast as general Levy or every Asian claimed to know U.K Apache?

Well i bring you this weeks 'Record of the week' sponsored by the sun outside my window and those memories...

M. Beat ft Nazlin - Sweet Love



Shenanigan said...

Memories light the corners of my mind

Anonymous said...

Booooooyaka booyaka, jungalis' massive.

Angelicious said...

awwwwww, that's really lifted my already high spirits and reminded me of my mispent youth.

Cheers Biz :)

Anonymous said...


just... hernández said...

wow.. i actually believed for years that apache indian was my best friend at schools uncle..

why would she claim such a thing?lol

Loooove this SOng!!!!!

clav said...

I remember the first time l heard this tune at Edmonton's Roller Express - Kenny Ken was on the decks, he played this directly after having dropped Goldie's "Terminator" (another big tune in the day, remember that!?) with no warning, the crowd was mad confused for a minute cos of the long intro but when the snares dropped..... Man, I have never to this day seen 3000 people go so absolutely BESERK!!!!!!

Props to selector Biz on this one.

PS Is it me or was Kenny Ken the DJ EZ of his day?

NO-BIZZI said...


Josephine said...

i'm a hardcore junglist til i die!

i still have a foghorn.

i still listen to my roast mixtapes from 1992.

i still have all my flyers.

i still have my ticket from that infamous telepathy night at adrenaline village.

yes, those were the motherfucking days!

might have to allow the general levy though. you know what's funny, people play 'incredible' in clubs these days all the time to prove they were junglists but in all my days raving i never ONCE heard it played at a club back in the day. the dj would have got shot for playing that shit in a proper jungle dance!

ok, history lesson over! i always get over excited on this topic =)

clav said...

Oooh I don't know Josephine, maybe I'm a little older and so more senile but I KNOW I heard the good General rinsed out in many a club night... lol

You still listen to tapes!?! It's been at least 7/8 years since I last touched a tape or a tape player. Respect!

MistaJam said...

This reminds me of Nottingham carnival in 1994 - raving like a nutter (orignal nutter no less) in the jungle tent. Then going home and a week later copping this

NO-BIZZI said...

You smashed it!
That was like "NOW" for black kids!

Who remembers This

Josephine said...

haha - pure swing! those were the days when ever single compilation album had these tracks on it:

montell jordan - this is how we do it

mark morrison - return of the mack

whitehead bros - your love is a 187

them artists must have made MILLIONS on licensing!

@ clav - i dunno what clubs you went to, but i never heard it out! it was never played at telepathy or fever or kool or roast or any of them ones there!

the only time i heard it was at the fifth year disco in the school hall, haha!

awww, school discos, so much fun.

Angelicious said...

HAHAHAHA! Josephine, u are a legend.

I probably was in the same raves, Bagleys (rip), Adrenaline Village, there was one in Leeds which I can't remember the name of now.

Charlie Brown (rip), Skibba and Shabba b2b, Five-O, Moose, Det, Brockie et al.

Going to get my tape packs from Big Apple records.

As for the Pure Swing, I have the first two on cassette and the others on CD. big tings a gwan. Don't forget Brownstone If you love me and Aaliyah's Back & Forth......

Anonymous said...

Josephine is right if you went thunder and joy, awol or roast - general levy was not played. I hate it when everyone jumps on the bandwagon, if you think sweet love is a classic track you weren't there. I mean how old were you in 1995..?