Pastelle x Ksubi

So Pastelle, Kanye's upcoming
clothing line that everyone is
has teamed up with Australian brand Ksubi and together they will be working on a sunglasses collection. Either way I'm becoming impatient and quite bored, I adore kanye and his musical talents, however I'm not looking forward to pastelle in the slightest!

Opinions folks are needed!

Should rappers or artists as they like to refer to themselves as go down the clothing route, or should they steer clear like a pedophile near a playground!


d. said...

I don't see myself buying into Pastelle too much, if at all - but I have to say I have faith in Kanye. I don't think he's doing this whole "musician starts clothing line" the same way as we've become used to. That's why it's taken so long.

He said he wanted to be a fashion designer before a musician so I think he's really going to go all out and actually come out with some respectable stuff - stuff that wouldn't look out of place at high-end boutiques etc.

I'm still intrigued though - I hope it doesn't turn out to be just tees and hoodies.vo7

Anonymous said...

hes more than a rapper, hes a brand... he knows ppl will buy into him.
...on a similar note coulda swore i saw sum1 who resembled NO-BIZ in a blue t-shirt with the ATCN logo on the back on holloway rd 2day...wishful thinking?

Anonymous said...

Shouldn't we discuss the clothing line after it drops? It just seems silly to debate over something that technically doesnt exist.

If rappers want to venture into the fashion industry then good luck to them. Should only rock/pop artists do this? Its natural for a creative individual such as Kanye to have the passion to try something else. Its not like its going to be like Kate Moss' line with Topshop... where she doesnt actually design anything!

I reckon the reason why Kanye hasnt released the line yet because there is no rush! the fashion industry isnt going anywhere!!!

*PS. Mr W... why shouldnt rappers refer to themselves as artists? Hip hop is an artform in itself.



Angelicious said...

I'm not one to buy into artists and their other products as it's usually crap and/or cheesy, but I actually like Kanye's style, and think that it could work.

Will wait for the collection to drop. Can't wait to see the glasses tho

Barclay James said...

Ksubi/Tsubi is a big look.

Magdi said...

Since the first time I met Kanye in 2002 till now... his style changed about 4-5 times... Roughly once a year... But i think he has finally found his style and is really enjoying it...

Im looking forward to seeing what he will be bringing out... Bape, BBC, ICE CREAM... Come on guys... That stuff is bad... almost as bad as that Lethal Bizzle track... LOL ;)

But just because its taking such a long time... doesnt always mean its a bad thing... I think its going to be worth the wait...

ben said...

Kangay West. Wasteman.

MR W said...

B aka anon.. although i did make that statement, there is no bigger advocate of hip hop then me, in fact i dedicated my dissertation to the art form, i live and breathe hip hop however i was jus commenting on how at times hip hop artists take themselves a little too seriously!

but yeah BIG comments thanks 4 ur views folks!

NO-BIZZI said...

Debate is in session boyyy! I go away for one weekend and and we have had maaad comments and hits and the page got messed up too!

sorry readers

Anyway back to pastelle..

I think we all know Kanye is one of those types who goes out of his way to do things in a way that has never been done before, The Glow in the dark tour and the air yeezy are just two examples of that not forgetting of course recording with a wired jaw from his hospital bed!!!

Which leads me to agree with the slightly bitter anon. Dude is taking his time. If it was about the money we would all own "drop out bear" polo T's by now.

So lets just wait eh!

Oh and to the slightly fast anon no that wasn't me (big up shaggy)

ATCN would not put out T-shirts as our FIRST bit of promo gear...

We leave that to those who follow trends and are out of ideas

We like to think were better than that!


Anonymous said...

Kangay west? Kanye is as real as they come. You foooooooooool.

Anyway, Pastelle should be big, kanye hassaid before that he wanted to be a fashion designer before wanting to get into to music, so why can't he venture out into clothes.

And its stupid comparing it to other rappers creating clothing lines, as its totally different to g-unit, rocawear ect.

yeah fam said...

everything you said has been said.
way to cut n paste anon LOL