Exam Time!

I know this is how a lot of folks are feelin right now myself included!!

However I have compiled a short list of things to do when it all gets a little toooo much!

1. Take a flippin break, DO NOT I repeat DO NOT sit there looking over the same crap you've been looking at for the past 8 hours!

2. Play some of your favourite songs whilst revising... this will inevitably brighten your mood... BETTER YET download the

"What the Blogclart Vol.1"

3. Go and have a SNOG! Yeah I said it! If you dont have that special somebody in your life grab a stranger.. you will release soo much stress you'll feel like a new invigorated person!

4. TAKE ANOTHER BREAK! However this time you MUST EAT! Hey all the exam stress can really take it out of you so make sure to replenish on lots of wonderful goodies aprox every 30 mins!

5. And most IMPORTANT of all REMEMBER you can only do your best what will be will be!

DONT be a college dropout!

Unless your kanyeezy of course!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Fuck studying im off to sunbathe!