Don't be a C.R.A.C Test Dummy

Ok so if you did not know
then get to know...
Blu ( my favourite rapper at this moment) has collaborated with producer Ta'raach to make up C.R.A.C (pronounced Crass)They are currently touring Europe with their album The Piece Talks. Go cop it!

They performed last week at LOOKOUT. Blu and producer Exile came out with Below The Heavens last year. Undoubtedly slept on. This album gets serious airplay in my ride.


Images courtesy of R.Cleveland Aaron

I nearly managed to swap
my ipod with Ta'raach's...
he he. Until he annoyingly noticed the most minuscule scratch. But luckily has promised me some treats. Can't wait. They have had me on a weekend bender, as I play tour guide. But it's now turning into a mid week bender. I suppose like they say, you can sleep when your dead.

Erykah Badu on Ta'Raach


Anonymous said...

Can't stop playing this album. Awesome stuff. Wish I had made it to the performance.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

props and high fives to the ones that never miss a trick, the observant few and the two tone voices!

Anonymous said...

she needs to stay off them happy pills for real for real

Angelicious said...

Badu is a goddess. I'm sure I posted this already? :s

creative types aren't always seemingly the most sane people, but I'd gladly be seen as crazy if I could be as creative as her.

Shenanigan said...

the aqua observer with the dope convo topics. He gets kudos