city love

I just got back from another NYC trip. Instead of being a normal person and flying I decided to take the greyhound bus. Less said about the 11 hours from toronto to nyc the better. Although, thankfully I do suffer from public transport disease, whereby I fall to sleep instantly on boarding. Good in this case, bad in Lewisham. True story.

Keeping with nyc tradition new pimp rings were purchased. Sticking even more with tradition, they are so small you can barely see them on photos. It's there, I swear.

For my art lovers. Takashi Murakami at the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Really amazing show, it ends in july... If you're in town before then, check it out. Most people just know of Murakami through his work with Kanye. But get to know, his stuff will impress.

The cutest child in the world and a man with a hook hand.
As usual, so much stuff was purchased. Including the most garish/dope colourway Air Stabs.
I think the air stab is one of the nicest looking nikes on females and I have a few pairs myself. But, bogey neon green, red, black, white... found in a ghetto sneaker store in Fulton Brooklyn, evidently they had been rejected for the AF1, as the stabs were sat in the dark at $40.
I love them, but I might get beat up on road. Should have I?


aaronio said...

murakami is dope. unfortunatly tho i was one of those people that only heard about him and his team last year - i live a sheltered life - mad respect goes out to him tho, and to you for buyin those stabs! :P

Shenanigan said...

Do it. Fulton always provides surprising little gems. Which is why I heart it sooo much

DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Murakami! I have loved his work for a long time now maybe like six years??? [Yoshitomo Nara is the king tho] His super-flat work is a personal fave. I am hoping to make it to the exhibition when I touch down in the city in a few weeks time.

*Feeling the boogey green STAB crepes.

NO-BIZZI said...

Okay its official....im hating!

What an exhibition,
But as for the stabs...poo-eeee


Angelicious said...

Too many emotions:

Laughter: man with hook, I'm sorry to laugh but I was thinking of ps-ing in a patch and a bubble for the kid on the bench.

Envy: I love NY and it's been far too long since I went. Pics are dope!

Love: I like them kicks, not too many people wearing them over here for now, do ur thing Playa! x

freya said...

yeah this was fun trip. NYC good.

i think we bought 30 pairs of shoes altogether. pretty sickkk. Fulton was the best find. next time, first stop. then boris.

crazy colours on kicks = good times.

Angelicious said...

30 pairs!!!!!! u are my IDOL!

can't wait til July to get over there now ....

crazy colours on kicks = my childhood
although I drew on mine to get them colourful :(

EXPLOREdesign said...

yo murakami exhibition was crazy, some amazing peices shame the prints were like 1000 dollars... im sure i took them pics lols..

SPECKS said...

yup, 30 pairs easy... carrying them back... not so easy.

biz knows about boris - he tried to pull his beard off.

angelicious, drawing on trainers were the days. until you messed it up and you'd get threatened by the parents that the next pair wouldn't get purchased for another 5 months. thats when i stopped.

Angelicious said...

I got beaten for drawing on my kicks, every time. Doc martens in my Bros phase, my Converse even my clothes. I suffered for my art ....

sally said...

wow this is such a coincides...I just came back from my very 1st own fashion show in NY and was there for only 1 week...first in brooklyn then in manhattan and the thing is I also bought excactly those nike air stabs with the same colours in the same store in Folton street!!! for 40 bucks..hihi this can't be true,specially because I live in Amsterdam and had never been to NY before...wowow the world IS small...kush Sally