Cans Festival

Street art is Hip-hop...What Mos Def is to Nelly is no different to what Faile is to Tracy Emin. Both credible (hmmm you can debate Tracy, I'm not her biggest fan but let me make my point) and both represent the same movement BUT in their own way.

This of course depends heavily on what your into, but art being subjective makes this type of post so difficult to write so bare with me people.

I got the bring in from (Mr lazarides gallery) Rem for the Cans festival opening party, I rolled down there with ms 'Peti-Fulu' and i can honestly say...
I have never been rocked to the core by sooooo much amazing art in one place, from instillations (see the Banksy tree complete with Cameras instead of birds perched on its branches) to stickers on cars and not forgetting of course incredible spray can and stencil work through out the tunnel that felt a mile long!

Street Art being Hip hop is a bold statement i know, (and when i say street art i don't mean subway train Graffiti as that is an integral part of Hip hops culture) but the fact that so many rules were broken in this one exhibition leaves me thinking what else can it be...punk?

The fact that the work of artists who can sell a piece for hundreds of thousands and sometimes millions was not hidden behind glass in a frame but on the wall for you to touch made the Cans festival a law onto itself and really felt like for that night art belonged to the people.

How wanky does that sound BUT ITS TRUE!

I'm gonna stop going on now as this is turning into a dissertation BUT iv had a few debates about this and figure nows the best time to pose the question to you ATCN people...

With its financial viability on the up and its commercial appeal growing...Is street Art, Graffiti, stencil work what ever you want to call it dead?




SPECKS said...

big, big post.

im thoroughly impressed and out of words.
answer - all is well and alive. surely??

just try to forget about the mass organization and installation.

Angelicious said...

I walked up and down the tunnel for well over an hour and I have to say NO it isn't!

Art to me captures what life is at that moment, and to me at this moment with the way the World is and all it's problems, this encapsulates it perfectly.

I took some photos (i didn't get to see the installataions unfortunately)


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

exciting stuff.

Anonymous said...


Samona said...

big post.

street art aint dead, just like hip hop, its down to us to bring it alive.
there both art forms, so its down to us to awaken it. if theres not much going on, then what is there to reflect in art.
banksy has just portrayed it issues he sees, your the one who bored of it.

Booga said...

that playground piece is hella sick

NO-BIZZI said...

I cant get over the detail in the huuuge face stencil.