Sometimes one song is enough To make me decide i don't like an artist. Big up soldier boy. So when i heard "Haterz" and the Amy Winehouse sampled "Grip your body" i labeled B.O.B as another ATL, hook driven rapper.

It wasn't until Mr ADK broke down the enormity of his heat in Atlanta and i had a real solid listen to the personality driven mixtape 'Hi my name is B.O.B' I realised this dude not only sounds like andre 3000 (through a filter of skittles and weed) but really could do it in the U.K as well as on home turf.

Yeah i said it IN THE U.K!
And YEAH I SAID IT HE SOUNDS LIKE DRE... circa 97.... disclaimer i know... whatever.

So get to know B.O.B via his myspace... HE NEXT!!

You a fan?



Booga said...

not music related at all, but is his name supposed to be a dildo reference (as in the acrynym/euphenism battery operated boyfriend)...or something else? Anyone.
but, yep, I digs it

Angelicious said...

haha Booga.

I'm not entirely convinced :S not sure why.

Anonymous said...

i think its his photo. thats why, he looks a little fruit of the loom

MR W said...

lmao fruit of the loom!

im still undecided i think i need to play it in my car ive had the mixtape 4 a while now jus sat there never had the urge to listen!

Shenanigan said...

I raised an eyebrow over the use of the sample but then heard "...I get that thing wet like I'm about to get the dishes"
Or."I get things moist call me sponge bob.."


joshpowell said...

I'm glad you getting people up on B.O.B. only just heard about him Curtains and U-N-I recently but man I love em all!

Anonymous said...

I've been talking about B.O.B for time!!

I love 'Grip you Body' its so heavy.

sexy sue said...

ADK (Alex Da Kid) is the BEST!!!! what the fuck is a B.O.B

NO-BIZZI said...