Big Tings A Gwan


Aight Amigo's. I'm off to the
city that never sleeps
for frolics and then on to sweet Jam Down for Caribbean fashion week. (yes it does exist!) So I will be back giving the full run down from the catwalk and my search for the best jerk. The last time I went to Jam Down Shabba Ranks was the hottest D.J. mmmm a far cry from what's happening now. My soundtrack favourites to this excursion will be Shabba Ranks featuring Crystal Twice My Age. For New York I'm not going to pull out the bait Jay tracks, I'm going for Nina Hagen's New York. Big Boy tune!

Will I be forcing innocent bystanders to do the atcn sign? Er... yes.
Pure Shenanigans.


NO-BIZZI said...

hahaha fours up biyatch!

One said...

I've been in Jamaica for the past two weeks (come back tomorrow) no sign of Shabba, its all about Mavado and guys like Busy Signal! I don't need to hear No Woman No Cry again for a while though I've heard it everyday for the past 2 weeks sang in a number of styles none of which were the Bob Marley version!

Anonymous said...


Angelicious said...

I must say hearing many versions of NWNC while in JA in Feb myself One, it is proper annoying.

Safe journey innit Shenanigan x

Shenanigan said...

Thanks Angelicious!

O dear I hate when one song dominates the whole holiday. Thanks for the warning. I will drown it out with my greatest hits of Shabba Ranking playing on me pod