This track is taken from the forthcoming ED Banger Records compilation.
My fave track off of the album is Busy P & Murs 'Protect and Entertain'... dutty tune.

What do you guys think of the video? YES / NO?

My little brother and I watched it together and he didn't like it at all because he thought it was a cliché. He feels that black people always get portrayed so stereotypically within modern day entertainment. Which is true at times, but I didn't see it this way. I quite liked it. It's like a ghetto Clockwork Orange.



DELS (Kieren Dickins) said...

Feelin the jackets. :)

NO-BIZZI said...

ARrrghhh you beat me to it!

I was gonna blog this!


Glad you like the coats dels as your ATCN one is on the way...


Phoebe said...

I can see why your bro (or anyone for that matter) might object to the stereotypes in this video but I think the fact that it's this has come out of France says a lot...The violence that goes down in the Parisian suburbs is fucking crazy and seems to far outweigh what's happening in this country...That's not to say that the gun and knife crime in London isn't horrifying- it obviously is- but I think the problem in France is that the government and the police are far more institutionally racist than our own (believe it or not) and the kids of African/Arab immigrants have to put up with A LOT of shit.

Have you seen that French film called 'La Haine'? If not, def check it out. Deals with a lot of this shit (and has a sick soundtrack!)


Ps. I am aware that I just wrote an essay. Sorry about that, once I start typing I often find it hard to stop!

NO-BIZZI said...

La Haine is a classic and brought the whole police-youth issues in france to my attention and even more so the huuuuge prejudice people of arab decent live with.

Visually it is stunning!
the sequence with the DJ in the tower block mixing from his window...WOW

Phoebe said...

So weird you mention that particular scene- watched it about ten times on YouTube last week!!

For those who haven't seen it:


Fucking amazing.

DJ Cut Killer has SKILLS! More evidence here:


Anonymous said...

Yep I have seen La Haine. Amazing film - beautiful cinematography. I studied the film during history of art class at uni. My German teacher would shout 'bootiful, bootiful' everytime a good sequence would take place!

I have friends that grew up in France and fought in the riots. I agree with u that the French government is corrupt - I love that the kids out there dont take no shit which is very inspiring in a weird kinda way.

Ps. Id rock a ATCN jacket for sho! lol