A.IN.T there?

Ok so went down to the A.IN.T instore.

Thought the weather would of stopped people but it was heaving. Good look

But there was NO... BIZZI?

I got my boat in NYLON magazine and probably irritated the photographer a bit by changing my pose a million times and then blaming him for making it look shit. But we had a moment of nostalgia as we conversed on our love for NY.

(Sh*t visuals off my phone)

I had to retreat to indulge in my freshly baked corn bread that I left at the yard. So did not attend the after party. Prey tell Tribe members?


NO-BIZZI said...

i had to work...well kinda so i missed the MHI bit but was at the after party i Hoxton post the most filling stewed chicken and rice i have eaten in like 10 years!

SPECKS said...

freshly baked corn bread???
you cant just write that type of [should be] blasphemy.