Sweat x Art = Last Friday

What a night...
On Friday the 4th of April Mode 2 had his Never too late show at Lazarides gallery.
It was one of those night that did nothing but make me feel so poor.

Whereas my friend (Shout to the Woolf) who could actually afford the art was a little too long with the moolar and had the piece he wanted snapped before he could wave the plastic!



Check out some of the other bits that were for sale
(or in my case just nice to look at!)

So after the mode 2 show (whose work and prices can be found HERE) I jumped in the reliant robin and headed east for one of, if the most intimate and sweaty gigs i have ever been to in my life!

Mr Hudson if you don't know is about to take over the world...
The first album has been and gone but the new album is incredible.
Lets just say, signing to a certain college dropout cant hurt...

Any how, the man in question decided to show off some of his new material and he chose to do so in the studio its all being demoed in.
The audience was made up of a small group of friends, family and sweaty studio types!

You have been warned...


SPECKS said...

when i finally traded in pennies for the first album i was very impressed.

now Kanye on board for the second...

i think Mr H is incredible in his own right, but im guessing things just got much bigger.

stop having expensive taste and go buy an ikea print. haha

misterlego said...

his peice last train home in "mhi" is straight bananas ! ! !

NO-BIZZI said...

as apposed to gay bananas?