The Queen of Fraff

I normally talk about how fashion whips and breaks me and how I kiss it's feet begging for more...

But had an obscure one today. Had no intentions of leaving the yard. It started with a quarter pounder. I have not eaten beef burgers for 5 years after being mortified from pictures in the paper of a girl who died of mad cow disease. (yes) Blood was pouring out of her nose and ears. Butters. So naturally I stopped.But I was assured by my sistren that all was good in the hood and that it was legit at the Golden Arches. (Don't watch it, stomach still flat dough)So...

I Merk
I got told off for sound effects. Leave me be. I waited 5 Mo f***ing years for this!

My punishment? I was dragged into pointless Ikea shopping and working out weather it should be plastic or steel.

I had fallen over the Ikea Cliff.

Rode on the front- knocked some grandmas down. I mean why walk when you can ride?

Ended up rushing down to the Westbury for a drink.
Was my good friend Fae's birthday as well as Rahel. Two very talented young ladies. Don't knock the hustle.


Flying Lotus was djing and he introduced us to some new goodies. It was all a bit too much for me and I nearly... had a musical eruption. Well what can I say? I relished... I floated. Bugz In The Attic at Notting Hill Arts Club!! Er...nah mate. The come down of the eruption was too much. I was fatigued. B.E.D


NO-BIZZI said...


WELCOME she-nan

and ummmm that photo of the half eaten dodgy burger turned my belly

Shenanigan said...

My belly is turning for real. Right now. Roll on the next five years!

NO-BIZZI said...