Kehinde Wiley

While surfing, I came across this guy's work and was instantly enthralled.
Kehinde Wiley blurs the boundaries between traditional and contemporary art, by using figures he sees on the street, such as South Central neighborhood where he was born, and getting them to assume poses that Renaissance or `French Rococo artists may have previously depicted.

Exhibit A:
"Napoleon leading the Army Over the Alps", by Kehinde Wiley (2005)

Exhibit B:
THE ORIGINAL: "Napoleon Crossing the Alps", by Jacques-Louis David (1801)

Exhibit C:
"The Dead Christ in the Tomb", by Kehinde Wiley (2008)

Exhibit D:
THE ORIGINAL: "The Body of the Dead Christ in the Tomb", by Hans Holbein the Younger (1521)

Kehinde also produced work for the VH1 Hip Hop Honors 2005,

"Ice T" (2005)

"Salt N' Pepa and Spinderella" (2005)

One for above the mantlepiece perhaps?


sweetboy gets funky said...
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NO-BIZZI said...

Don't know if i could deal with ice t over the mantle piece...

now his wife coco on the other hand....

Anonymous said...

yeeeahhhh maynnnnnn