Dilemma of the Week

Given the considerable press coverage that Glastonbury has had this week, I've spent much of the last few days pondering if THIS:

Is worth the possibility of THIS:

And the conclusion I've reached is...probably not.

Cos as much as I love, love, LOVE Jay Z (and of course by that I mean Reasonable Doubt Jay Z, don't get it twisted), the truth is that I have an immense fear of festivals.

This is not one of those irrational, 'terrified of mayonnaise' type fears either. It's a fear I believe I'm entirely justified in harbouring, having lived through what can only be described as the sheer horror of EXIT festival 2007.

For the uninitiated, EXIT is basically a four day festival based in a beautiful fortress in a town called Novi Sad, Serbia. The line-up last year sounded pretty impressive (think Wu Tang, Lauryn Hill, Prodigy, Basement Jaxx and others) and the tickets were cheap as hell. So, egged along by some enthusiastic friends, I decided that my first festival experience would be a pretty good one. HOW WRONG I WAS.

To be fair, most of my bad feeling is the result of four days spent on perhaps the grimiest campsite known to man. I'm talking discarded food all over the place, showers with no doors and drugged up festival-goers sprawled everywhere (See Exhibit A: The young man below, who wore that outfit for the entire time)

The performances were so-so, the food was revolting and don't even get me started on the toilet facilities!

So after getting back and showering for approximately four hours, I vowed to myself that I would never go to a festival again. But now...I'm not so sure. Listening to Jay Z whilst jamming in a field in Somerset, glass of Pimms in hand? Sounds pretty good to me. But then again, so did E**T....

Help me out here, people! I'm an indecisive wreck!


Anonymous said...

in the words of Noel Gallagher... 'no fuckin chance'


laura said...

I'll be working at glastonbury this year... so i am in and praying for sun. I'll also be giving out ATCN specials.

after Jay-Z at wembley... 2 summers ago, all i can say is... Yes it will be worth it.

Mrs. W said...

im in the exact same predicament!!

however im leaning towards no! i dnt think those at glastonbury r gna appreciate the magnitude of what stands b4 them.. therefore im doubtfull the vibe will not b there!

however specks if ur givin out atcn specials i may have to rethink! ha!

laura said...

None of this leaning towards no business.

There is not much to think about. Jay will put on a BIG show, the controversy only makes me more sure.

Hopefully the people who aren't feeling Jay-Z will stay at home... which is a good thing... cos it gives all your indecisive people sleeping on a mid summer Jay-Z extravaganza the chance to purchase!

and yes... specials... until i get sacked or arrested.

laura said...

arrested for giving away free stuff... Let me stress I generally stick to the right side of the law.

freya said...

Hmm my optimistic plans to go festying in Europe this summer have just been tainted slightly. But Glasto is a def on my list. Its only round the corner, after all.

Ever since I got confirmation of the tickets I have been checking out new tents for this year. I'm trying to find one with an upstairs and ideally a kitchen and shower..

But really the only thing I ask for, is SUN. And maybe a free pint or two.

Anonymous said...

I have seen Jay-Z live 3 times now in concert and he just gets better and better!

Fans or no fans... Jay-Z will rock the crowd!

Remember a lot of the 'indie-kids' were once fans of Hip-Hop when it was 'cool' to like it. Whether they are throwing up the ROC signs or not, deep down they love it.

How can you resist a form of music
that has so much soul?!

I might just go to Glastonbury for one day. I dont think I want to swim around in dutty waters for too long.

Ps. But it's all about Benacassim, Barcelona! Sun, pretty girls (not like the old munters at Glasto!) and really good music.

Big up yourself No-Bizzi!

Peace -

Anonymous said...

Glasto sounds worth it.. especially this year, wont be packed.

if you wanna see Young Hov, surely Wireless Festival is your best choice... in London as well.

NO-BIZZI said...

big post

big up PHOEBE!!

Ill be at home with my clean crep and hot showers.

Al Sanya said...

Lol @ the comparison pictures hahaha. I think u made the right decision I would have been very hesitant.

If I were there, afterward I would have a worried/horrified look in all the photos taken. Or my smile would be incredibly fake.

That and if people sliding through slushy-mud like crazed lunatics I think I would loose part of my sanity, not that im not lil crazed already ;) hahahaha.

I havnt seen Jay-Z live but my sis did, n when she came back from the concert I was expecting her to say how good it was but she had such dull expressions. Im no true fan but I do like a lot of his music.

Anonymous said...

I won't be going myself bujt Ive seen Jay Z a few times and he was dope, but whats all the controversy about anyway no one says anything when they get Shirley Bassey along there do they??lol

Phoebe said...

"big up PHOEBE!!"

haha! people still just aren't getting this 'differentiation-between-bloggers' thing, are they?!! And you made us all those lovely little logos and everything...

Al Sanya said...

Yea it took me a while to get the 'differentiation-between-bloggers' because I wasnt looking, maybe put the name in bold underneath if u can.

I havnt tried crap.

Al Sanya said...

lol I i put < b > crap it didnt show

NO-BIZZI said...