Why Would You Do This?

Near where I live we have the pleasure of a few Bansky pieces dotted about the area and about 2 minutes from my front door. One of them features a museum attendant on a wall just near the new Arsenal ground.

A few weeks ago I noticed that this piece of graffiti has rather ironically become the victim of vandalism

Why the hell would you do that? If you are a better street artist paint over it. If you own the wall and don't like it paint over the whole thing. What kind of idiot would just paint one line down it and ruin the whole thing?


Anonymous said...

Damien Hirst did it.
Theres an art war brewing i tells ya

Anonymous said...

Was it not Rolf Harris??

illsun said...

LOL - Rolf!!

It was probably that wretched Tracey Emin

paulieeee said...

who smelly pants?
naa she was too busy weeing in a jar and calling it expressionist art.

Anonymous said...