Thoughts on DELS?


Phoebe said...

I went to school with the girl in this video. Small fackin' world, eh?

Nice beat.

NO-BIZZI said...

the end of the video is kinda clever eh!
dude can spit though!

Anonymous said...

Kinda feelin' this, dope beat and yeah I agree the guys got a nice flow!!

NO-BIZZI said...

One where you been???
yo new blog glad your riding with us.

Anonymous said...

Been readin' it since day one man, just not commented until now, the new blog is dope, keep it goin' son!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

I just looked at his myspace
sounds and looks great! I love it!
Fresh. He looks so young!
Whens his album droppin?

Heavy blog No-Bizzi...
ill be back again for sure.


NO-BIZZI said...

whos that???
p.s when is Dels dropping?
who knows
ima find out n holla

MR W said...

he's droppin sooon go buy the single on itunes mayn!

support ya boy!

Anonymous said...

DAAAAAAAAAAMN how did find this?

This video is clever.

There was me making assumptions about
what the video was about and the ending totally caught me off guard! lol.

I love it. sooooo original.

I read this kid is unsigned???
he can spit!

if this cutey keeps growing with every song he might actually take over.
a major talent is blossoming in more than one colour.

love EMMZ xxxx