What's Next? Phone Technology...

I opened my email this morning and got a peek into the future...
this is what I saw:
New phone concepts for 2008-2010

Nokia 888 Communicator
"Futuristic concept phone, which uses liquid batteries, speech recognition, flexible touch screen and touch sensitive body cover. Designed by Tamer Nakisci and won the Nokia Design Award."

Benq-Siemens "Snaked"
"Benq designers thought of women too and presented Snaked. This is a "reptile" looking phone, creepy somehow, but still is very cool. The Snaked is a fashion phone for sport loving women, because it also has body monitoring sensors to help the ladies keep those fine shapes."

Retroxis By Dark Label
"If most phones presented here will never be sold in store for sure, the Retroxis concept phone from Dark Label looks kinda human, and makes us hope we'll be able to get one of these one day. Designed by Lim Sze Tat the phone is encased in high polished polycarbonate renowned for its lightweight and toughness and has an invisible OLED display that silently hides away when inactive."

Benq-Siemens "The Blackbox"
"Black Box designed by Benq-Siemens uses a touch screen as its keypad and, depending on the functions you are using, the touch screen changes the control layout immediately."

"Somehow similar to the Snaked concept, the NEC Tag is a flexible phone concept that can be , for example, hung from a belt or wrapped around the user's arm. Interesting is that the phone has shape-memorizing material and sensors that allows the phone to change its shape according to the mode."

"Though the idea of a cellphone watch is not so new, the TripleWatch designed by Manon Maneenawa has an interesting triple flip technique that allows the user to transform the watch into a normal cellphone. When used as a wrist watch, the phone has a speaker button that allows the user to answer the phone and hang up while driving."

Forget a Blackberry.....I want a Snake!

(Cheers cuz)


WOWPOP said...

sick phone, i want one.

Anonymous said...

me toooooooooo

clav said...

That Nokia phone concept isn't SO old and it's not even by Nokia - some ramdom dude dreamy it up and tried to sell the idea to them in hopes of getting a deal struck...

NO-BIZZI said...

yeah but awwww much??

~Niranjela~ said...

lets not kill the dream...

here's hoping! =D