OK sooo initially I was just going to keep my opinions to my self but I cant hold my mouth on this 1!

I’m not sure where to start... maybe by taking a puff on a crack pipe while i prepare to go sell drugs whilst talking to my white Rasta friend who accompanies me in selling drugs however his dream is to become a pizza chef specialising in URB PIZZA!

I seriously went into this show wanting to enjoy it... in the hope that I would finally watch something that realistically provides an insight into the lives of young innercity youth!

Nevertheless it doesn’t... how do I know that because I AM a young person living in the inner-city!

If the show had more intelligence and creativity then maybe some of the stereotypes I could live with (case in point THE WIRE!)

However it doesn't and were left with the same tired young black drug dealer scenario and the BBC chucking out “black programming” to fulfill their quota!


just...hernández said...

i resent you for not telling me that this was on..

MR W said...

LOLOL! I THOUGHT U WERE ALSEEP! leave a comment is supposed to forge meaningful debate hernandez! say something more profound!

just...hernández said...

im not profound..
shallow as a puddle.

NO-BIZZI said...

you two are hilarious!
anyway back to west 10,.....bwoyyyyyyyyy....

illsun said...

Not sure what the hell you two are on about - get a room and I don't mean a chat room.

I have to be very careful here as my rent payers are involved.

I sadly think W10 is indicative of the state of modern UK TV. The only thing that looks even remotely like any street I have ever been on is the pretty dire Dubplate Drama which is well meaning but ultimately very silly.

The major problem is that to be on TV as a minority you have to play type. The only Asian actor I can think of who actually got to play a part not defined by their race was Kurt in Teachers.

The most worrying thing is that there is no end in sight. The next set of shows on the BBC may surprise me (and there is one coming that might) but I actually think commissioners are actively buying programmes that play to cliches and that is why the UK won't produce the Wire or a Dave Chapelle.

Sorry to get deep but its a bloody outrage.

"Tarns" said...

that show PISSED ME OFF!!
on a real ive lived in hackney,
and im not talkin fancy shoreditch/ hoxton borders, im talking slap bang "MURDER MILE" all my life. and those characters MAY exist, but nowhere near to extreme they took it to.

the programe isnt representaive of youths today. COME ON!. its just propelling stereotypes, its sad considering a man of noel clarkes calibre could produce this.

it was a cring-a-minute-a-thon. and now the country folk can sit back assured of their misconceived assumptions of inner city youths... who in reality ARE NOT running down pimps for stolen goods(wtf??), ARE NOT all shotting green, nor are they bringing "weddy weddy wednesdays" to the local community centre(well maybe on weekends...lol) theres people who are vying to do their best in every aspect. SOOO frustrating!! ARGHHHH!!

someone wont be watching ADULThood!

...didnt mean for it to be this long, but, yea...

misterlego said...

what in the world does it have to do with u living in hackney ? ? ?
its set in WEST london . . . the name kinda gives it away

iv lived in peckham for most part of my life ? ? ? relevance ? ? ? ok lets move on

now i personally can relate to a lot of the things in the show, not all but a lot . . . different people will have had different experiences in life, so will see it differently

the show doesn't speak for the whole of inner city kids or black youths of today . . . such a thing is impossible to do

does gus the dustbin man in easteneders represent all black dudes in ldn ? ? ?

iv watched a show with a certain memeber of this blog shotting pizza's out of his rather large Jamaicans grans flat on cbbc lol
(slyly ashamed to say but, i still watched it)

does this mean all black boys shot pizzas from there drum ? ? ?
or live with there grans ? ? ?
or full stop live in a flat ? ? ?
aaaaaaah nah

every1 has there own opinion

its on now again, ima go watch it fr a second time . . .
allah at the kid

illsun said...

Big up Mister Lego - I really disagree but got to give it to you you're backing your view. It's currently on again and I'm watching again to see if i missed anything. I'm still of the same opinion. Its an unecessarily grim view of the world painted out to be the urban experience and while it has some truth to it I can't shake the feeling it is more about the youth than by it.

MR W said...

I dont mean to be rude to u lego but fuck it wat im about to say is rude!! ARE U DUMB BLUD! EVERYTHING WHAT YOU JUST SAID MADE NOT 1 BIT OF SENSE!!!

First off "tarns" wasnt just sayin where he came from 4 the sake of it he was merely giving the reader a reference point, suggesting that he has grounds to spk on this topic becuase he himself grew up in he innercity!

SECONDLY OF course to represent a whole race or a generation is impossible but what this did was to perpetuate sterotypes that have exsisted in the media regarding ALL PEOPLE OF COLOUR FOR YEARS!

Im jus rly confused with the ignorance rite now.. i understand your case is that just because something is shown once does not mean it is totally representative!


NO-BIZZI said...

shottin pizza from the estate...now thats real inner city life! FALL BACK ILL SET THE GOAT ON YOU!

Phoebe said...

Watched the repeat of this last night..I was in hysterics for pretty much the entire thing.

Anonymous said...

Didn't manage to see it but forget that, get over to Bravo at 10pm on Wednesdays instead and check The Kill Point (if you haven't already) obviously not a good portrayal of London life as it's set in the US and its about War Vets holding a bank under seige but dope all the same!!

Thecool said...

twas hiliarious for all the wrong reasons.

We have now witnessed the worse white dread in TV history. Show was wack juice and offered no real sense of reality at all.

Whats worse is that this was written by Noel Clarke (??) and I read a lot of things with him saying how it was aimed to give an insight into 'the estate lifestyle', which proves how lacking we are in quality writers and good programme makers.

Please god, please don't let there be a series.

On the plus side the lead girl was SCHWEETTT!!!!

Tronics said...

Just incase they don't publish my comment this is what i wrote;

"Tbh i wasn't really impressed by the show.

There were loads of lil' errors in the casting, role play and general directing that made it hard to watch. I know your just trying to put something out there, but when dealing with such sensitive subjects it would help if you could direct them in the best possible light.

I'm probably in the minority but i thought i'd tell you my opinion.