Reasons Why I'm Single

This morning I woke up to a text message from a girl I have met a few times. Lovely girl very bright and interesting. Now we have only ever met in a work capacity so I pretty much only know her through that.

She text me this morning to ask me what my favourite restaurant was. Now instead of pondering this or getting my game on. I decided the best thing to do was to call her and bark addresses and phone numbers at her in an agitated fashion. After I put the phone down I suddenly pondered - was she asking me to go for dinner? Problem is now that I behaved so randomnly I'm not in a position to call her and make small talk in case she was asking me out.

Christ why does it have to be so confusing... I'm so single


Thecool said...

Ummm.....Yeah theres not much hope for you in the future.

Jokes. Sounds like the shit I used to do.

Shit happens, no reason why you can't call her back and apologise though, then you can hit her with some charm and BAM!! you got yourself a date, its either that or she really was just asking for a good place to take someone else lol

Just another dynamic of the man/woman saga lol

Anonymous said...
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T said...

Its ok man, dont jump off a roof..

Anonymous said...

Hang on she only asked what your favorite restaurant was and instead of just sayin' McDonalds, KFC, Burger King,etc (jokes!) you phones her up and gave addresses and numbers, but forgot to ask the reason she was askin'?? not sure if thats true man!!lol

Anyway, Its not confusing its simple, either call/text her sayin' "those restaurants I mentioned to you, fancy going to one?" if she says yes - result, if shes says no, move on nothin lost! Well I guess it's simple when you write it down anyway!!lol

illsun said...

Wow some good advice thanks guys,
The think is we have such a work relationship that I figured she was just asking for info rather than asking me. We often have very short conversations where she'll call and say got a number for 50? I respond no and that's it.
Even now I'm not sure it was anything more.

Anonymous said...

Theres only one way to find out....

illsun said...

Damn I feel the pressure now,
seriously there is a potentially embarrasing work situation brewing here.

ATCN told me to do it may not cut it.

Cobalicious ! said...

laauuud gaaad i know thats the truth bro!!.. Ladies if ur listening ... just keep it funky with the fellas .. if u like him .. tell him straight.. are minds are to simple for these leaps and bounds of mixed messages!

im just tired of the games , lets get serious!

u heard it from C Man !

NO-BIZZI said...

the c man?

this is all a bit montell now but im with thecool do the damn thing

illsun said...

so a quick update I saw her today and she gave me a voucher for the restaurant I mentioned paid for by work.

Looks like I seriously misread that situation christ if i'd listened to you bastards I'd look like a damn fool right now....

cobalicious ! said...

well... excusssse US , SHIT ... next time ill keep my weak ass commentry to myself .. ha

thank ur lucky stars youve been given a second chance... if another akward scenario arises , how about u Grow a dick an deal with tha matta ! haha ,

then come on hurr so we can big u up ! instead of cower haha (im on the floor laughing haha)

cobalicious ! said...

then come on hurr so we can big u up ! instead of U* cower haha (im on the floor laughing haha)

(got the first 1 ABIT wrong , ooop ! )