Now I'm one of those grown ass men who could be labeled as sad due to the fact that my house is full of toys.

Vinyl ones, Display only ones, Vintage ones, Still in the box on a shelf type toys.

Sue me...its who I am dammit.

So when I saw this I figured all the females that have been to my crib and laughed at my collection should keep it schtum, as finally here is a vinyl toy they would want in every colour.

It's exactly what it looks like: a collectible vinyl vibrator.
Toy collecting and sex toys are now one!

Remember, if someone raises their eyebrows, just tell them it’s art!
It also features a handy bendy tail (note the dimpled effect)... and tree trunk twist activation.

available for $45 at ningyoushi.


SPECKS said...

canada is beaver obsessed... anything beaver is big news - so i saw this a couple weeks back.

intriguing but im not convinced. i just cant get passed the teeth.

NO-BIZZI said...

im sure on those dark lonely nights....you'll find a way

Phoebe said...

Wrong on SO. MANY. LEVELS.

illsun said...

Ribbed for her pleasure eeeeerrrrrrggggghhhhh